Milwright & Fabrication

Featuring cutting-edge technology and equipment, our Millwright and shop team brings together laser techs, certified welders, router operators, and the creative minds of our designers and drafting unit to bring your next project to life!


  • Available with SlipNOT, ALGRIP, Fibergrate, or any other slip-resistant decking
  • Sanitary designs with sloped decks, open shape frames, minimal flat sufaces, and 100% welded
  • Custom designed to fit your specific needs and application
  • Packout platforms, crossovers, access platforms

Rolling Stair Platforms

  • Available with SlipNOT, ALGRIP, Fibergrate, or any other slip resistant decking
  • Stainless steel construction with sanitary designs to avoid harborage points
  • Spring loaded first step to lift casters and set platform on the floor to prevent rolling
  • Custom dimensions to fit your specific height and width

Extendable Conveyor

  • Available with wirebelt or modular plastic belting
  • Sanitary design to avoid harborage points and allow easy cleaning
  • Custom designed to fit your application
  • Hand cranks allow length adjustment while the conveyor is running. Each end adjustable +/- 13” with possibility of more adjustment
  • Adjustable nosebars allow fine tuning of transfer point to minimize product loss

Transfer conveyor

  • Available in all styles: flat transfer, incline, hopper incline, radius
  • Available with modular plastic, wirebelt, radius belting, Thermodrive
  • Available with any motor type: hydraulic, electric motor/gearbox, profiled shell drum motor
  • Sanitary designs with stainless steel construction and 100% full welded

Dip Tank Conveyor

  • Designed to dip product in PAA or other chemical for food safety
  • Custom designed to fit your layout and required dwell times

Metal Detector Conveyor

  • Pneumatic reject to reject product into lock box
  • Available for bags, boxes, and bulk product
  • Modular plastic and Thermodrive type belting
  • Sanitary design
  • Custom designed

Roller beds

  • Available with sanitary tubing or PVC rollers
  • Available in any length, width, height
  • Stainless steel construction

Distribution Conveyor

  • Pneumatic diverters to feed multiple lines from one distribution conveyor
  • Available in single lane or dual lane designs
  • Custom designed

Emergency Eyewash Shower Station

  • Stainless steel, fully welded construction with bead blast finish
  • Heavy duty schedule 40 pipe construction
  • Stainless steel shower head nozzle and eyewash bowl
  • Available as eyewash or shower head only or combo design

Handwash/Parts wash sinks

  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction available in polished or bead blast finishes

  • Available from single person to 6+ stations

  • Options for soap dispensers, paper towel holders, hands free faucets

  • Floor mount, curb mounted, or wall mount

  • Available as handwash and product/parts wash combo with perforated basket and flexible pre-rinse nozzle

Ergostand with Lift Kit

  • Available with SlipNOT, Fibergrate, or ALGRIP decking

  • Allows for easy height adjustment to fit individual user

  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction

  • Lift kit allows for increased height range of standard ergostand

Ductwork/Roof curbs

  • Custom designed and manufacture duct systems and roof curbs

  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction for fryer, oven, or other equipment exhausts

Trench drain covers

  • Available with SlipNOT or ALGRIP material

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Heavy duty design with support ribs allows for forklift traffic over drain covers

  • Slotted corners allow for drainage

  • Custom lengths and widths available


  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction

  • Custom design allows for perfect fitment