Here at Midland Industrial, we are a premier manufacturer in the space of millwright and fabrication. Our focus is on customer needs and exceeding the expectations in the products we provide. The high-demand market in the conveyor space for companies that are looking to innovate and find their competitive advantage starts with Midland Industrial.

The Distribution conveyor can be one of the most useful pieces because of its ability to feed multiple lines from a single conveyor. We build our distribution conveyors custom to what the client is looking for in a single or dual-lane design to help accomplish their in-house efficiency needs.

The Dip Tank conveyor is more of a unique piece in a conveyor system for our client needing to dip products in PAA or another chemical for food safety needs. The ability to design specifically to our customer’s needs, not only helps the conveyor layout but also the required Dwell times of the overall system.

The Extendable Conveyor is one of the most impressive products we have in our millwright and fabrication category because of its versatility. The hand cranks on the conveyor give the possibility to adjust the conveyor by 13 inches on either side while the conveyor is running, and even more adjustment beyond that. Adjusting your conveyor length allows you to minimize product loss because of tuning transfer points by simple hand cranks.